Our Story

The idea of Cassoulet began when one of the owners, Alissa Brooks, was searching for a solution to the “busy mom” syndrome. She desperately wanted to come together for healthy family meals every night, but also wanted to encourage her children to take part in the extracurricular activities they loved so much. She found herself letting the family eat out several nights a week and saw their food bills growing. She decided to make up a batch of freezer meals and instantly found these meals to be the solution to their family dinners!

After years of perfecting recipes, weeding out ones the family didn’t care for and altering others to make them more kid friendly, she began sharing the meals with family and friends in need. When her aunt was going through cancer treatments, these meals were the perfect way to help her get through a tough time. When her friend was dealing with a debilitating injury, these meals helped keep her family well fed. When neighbors discovered Alissa’s talent for making these easy meals, they asked if she would consider making them a batch. At this point, Alissa decided to take her knowledge as a previous business owner and pair that with her time working in various kitchens to create her business plan. This is how Cassoulet became a business and moved out of the home kitchen.


Most of our recipes have been passed down from many generations of Alissa’s family. Her mother, Nancy Olsen, co-owner of Cassoulet, is famous for her tator tot casserole, cheesy potatoes, goulash and tuna noodle. Growing up on a farm in a small town, Nancy’s mother made everything from scratch and Nancy grew up making these family favorites. Alissa, began cooking with her mother in the kitchen at a young age. She loved making dishes such as popovers, Saturday breakfasts and casseroles. Alissa now has shared that love for cooking with her own children. As it happens, Alissa’s husband is also a great home chef and has graciously contributed his recipes for chicken enchiladas and the most amazing homemade pasta you will ever taste. Cassoulet truly is a family affair. From our family to yours, making your life easier. Simple meals, simply made.


Our Mission


To use as many local, fresh and in season ingredients as we can to promote the health of your family and support local farmers.

To make homemade, all in one meals that you can enjoy at your family dinner table, even on your busiest of days.

To do this at a cost that is less than taking your family out to eat.

Some pictures of how we began at home: