The Dining Room

Cassoulet Catering Menu


Coffee: $2/person

Juice: $2/person

Bread/Pastry Assortment: $3/person

Pancake Pie (variety of flavors available): $4/person

Hot Breakfast Buffet: (includes scrambled eggs, Jones bacon or sausage links, hashbrown potatoes) $7/person

Egg Bake: (variety of flavors available) $6/person

Breakfast Sandwiches: (biscuit or croissant, egg, Jones breakfast meats, cheese) $5/person

Quiche: (variety of flavors available) $5/person

Yogurt, Fruit, Granola Parfait Bar: $5/person

Fresh Fruit: $3/person



Warm Party Dip with Dippers: (Spinach and Artichoke, Buffalo Chicken or Jalapeno Popper) $25

BBQ or Homestyle Meatballs: $15 (20-25 meatballs)    $30 (40-50 meatballs)

Cheesy Potatoes Crock Pot: $15/small party   $30/large party

Sliders: (buffalo chicken, bacon cheeseburger, Italian meatball, ham and swiss) $2/slider

Cheesy Sausage Toast Bites (3 per person): $3/person

Deviled Eggs: $2/person

Slide Chips and Ranch Dip: $2/person

Veggies and Ranch Dip: $3/person

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp: $4/person

Taco Dip with chips: $4/person

Guacamole with chips: $4/person

Cold Tuna Noodle Salad: $3/person

Seasonal Cheese Board: (local cheeses, crackers, nuts, fruit, meats) $8/person

Traditional Wisconsin Cheese and Sausage Board: $5/person

Side Salad: $4/person


Full Meals

Dinner Salad Bar: (Choice of 2 dressings) $8/person (add $2/person for diced chicken)

Taco Bar: (Chicken or Beef) $8/person

Baked Potato Bar: $7/person

Spaghetti and Meatballs: $8/person

Pasta Bolognese: $8/person

Pizza Buffet: $6/person

BBQ Pork Sandwiches with Coleslaw: $7/person

Heat any of our premade freezer meals: Cost of meal



Small Bites Variety Tray: $3/person

Lemon Cookie Bars: $2/person

Dane’s Famous Cookie Bars: $2/person

Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips: $2/person

Aunt Sharon’s Chocolate Chip Cookies: $2/person

Aunt Sharon’s Chocolate Chip Cookies WITH a glass of milk: $3/person

Apple Crisp with Cool Whip: $5/person



Please use the below calendar to reserve the room for 2 or 12 people.

There is a TV in the room available if you need to present material on a big screen.

We also offer a full catering menu. At this time, we are not charging a reservation fee for The Dining Room, but we do ask that you order from our menu.

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